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Efficient tips for coping with covid19 stress:

Coping with coronavirus stress

Efficient tips for coping with covid19 stress:

Firstly , Covid19,the most recent pandemic, broke out all over the world forcing people to submit to home-lockdown as a part of the quarantine precautions based on the frequent statistics of number of deaths and infections.

So  Most people all over the world have subsequently been negatively influenced over their mental health and started to be exposed to stress.
Consequently, International medical companies have declared potential availability of vaccines in the market by the end of the year.

Challenges of Covid19 for individuals:

A wide range of Challenges related to Covid19 affects people in several aspects : economic recession , loss of jobs that results in financial problems ,anxiety and fear, extroverts who feel depressed from quarantine and being locked indoors, children who acquire negative feelings from their stressed parents, healthcare providers who face the infected patients and may get infected any time.
All the above challenges result in spread of stress accompanied with group of symptoms including:
• Feeling of isolation and tendency towards loneliness.
• Depression and fear.
• Physical problems such as headaches and stomach-aches.
• Mental problems such as difficulty in concentration , trouble sleeping beside eating disorders.

Efficient Tips for coping with stress:

Tips for dealing with stress

1.Practise social -distancing only on physical not psychological bases:
Staying at home and avoiding gatherings keep the community safe, but try not to be isolated from your social network; 

So being connected with people you love ease the days and empower both of you. Therefore, you ought to contact friends or relatives through online community, and choose the best and appropriate app to use.
2.Have a positive presence in others’ lives:
Genuine happiness and satisfaction you could obtain as a result of supporting others and spreading joy among them, this may include: doing services for elderly neighbours and phone or email them to ensure they are good, sharing reputable news that fight rumours to reduce anxiety among people, and sharing funny and light videos on social media to break the ice of Covid19’s news.
3.Understand your stress and manage it:
Being stressed in the current situation is quite normal; you don’t have to blame yourself for your feelings or attempting to stop them , instead;

So give yourself full time to Express your feelings and engage in activities that appeals to you.
4.Give your mind a break:
Doing sports ,walking ,listening to music or any other activities that may calm your disturbances are effective solutions to help recharge your spiritual status in addition to getting rid of negative thinking.

Simple ideas for managing your quarantine to avoid stress:

1.Firstly , Be committed to a schedule that determines time for sleep, work from home, activities, and gathering with the family, this would likely prevent wasting your time .
2.Specify time for sports as it improves your mood, relieves stress, and is able to boost your immunity .

Walking or cycling are other options for you . Exercising ,from home, depending on your body weight could be a good choice as well.
3.Make your activities ,that relieve your stress, part of your day ; for example: reading books, playing videogames, preparing new recipes, or even sing to refresh your mood.
4.Finally , Focus on relaxation practices once you feel stressed. This may include: yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

Protecting our mental health is eventually as essential as keeping our- selves safe away from being infected with Covid19 in order to overcome the current situation in optimum way.




Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Worry

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