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How to get rid of warts ?

How to get rid of warts ?

Most people, at some point in their lives, have already been affected by warts that never seem to vanish fast.

One- third of children are estimated to have warts , 50% of which may disappear solely within a year while 70% after 2 years.

When you have a wart, it means that your cells became virally infected with ”The Human Papilloma” virus that induces overgrowth of skin layers with small black dots on top.

What are the common types of warts?

There are many types of warts that can affect our skin:

• Common warts; usually grow on fingers and toes, and appear to be darker than the surrounded skin.

• Planter warts; affect the soles of the feet, but unlike other types it can grow inside your skin and cause restlessness.

• Flat warts; grow on the face, arms or thighs with a very flat surface.

• Filiform warts; look like a skin tag and have the same skin color ,usually found around mouth or nose and sometimes on the neck.

• Periungual warts; this type is very painful and annoying as it grows around fingernails and the toe nails.

Although warts are benign and may disappear automatically, they are infectious and must be treated in case of causing symptoms .

Based on that, the following are few recommendations you can apply at home besides methods doctors may use to help you overcome warts.

At home tips :

-Cover your wart with plaster or socks if it was a planter one.

– Do not share your personal stuff as nails clipper, towels or hair brush with others. -Never walk barefoot in public places.

– Do not attempt to treat face warts on or any sensitive areas at home.

Treatments :

Freezing treatments :

Freezing treatments are sprays containing cold air which can be directed to your warts and kill the affected skin layers. Treatments and patches

containing salicylic acid:

The infected area has to be soaked for 5:15 minutes before applying such products. It has to be covered with a bandage or a plaster.

Washing hands after use is a must. In case warts do not respond to treatment, you’d better refer a doctor.

Liquid nitrogen:

A method that could be slightly painful. It was used by a health care professional to freeze warts which results in a blister.

The method tends to separate the wart away from the skin .

Patients may need anesthesia in case warts were large in size.

Surgery :

Cutting warts with a surgical knife or burning it electrically. Candida antigen shots :

A local stimulation of the immune system against warts to detect and eradicate it. Sources :

www.medicinenet.com www.healthline.com Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School

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